In the mid-1990s the ANBHF board of directors created a new membership category named ’Situational Role Models.‘ Individuals selected for this category represent business leaders whose careers have episodes worth remembering and celebrating but whom, for various reasons, the selection committee did not feel comfortable naming the individuals fellows or laureates. In some cases a situational role model is a person for whom the selection panel wanted more information. In some cases the selection panel decided that specific ethical lapses in an otherwise memorable career were too serious to justify elevating the individual to the status of laureate. In some cases the individual committed a management error so serious as to be of major concern to the panel of judges. Henry Ford is an example of a business leader whose extraordinary positive contributions to American economic development were seriously tarnished by several noteworthy ethical lapses and management errors. The ANBHF board recognizes the possibility that the judges erred in placing persons in this category and welcomes public requests for reconsideration.

Following are the ANBHF situational role models.