The following individuals are currently serving or have served on the American National Business Hall of Fames board of directors and/or on its board of state representatives. Unless otherwise indicated the individuals listed are or were faculty members, usually in business, at the designated university. An asterisk (*) indicates persons currently serving on one of the boards. A (d) indicates a deceased former board member. An (r) indicates the individual, while still serving on the board, has retired. An (MBA) designation indicates a person who has graduated from the MBA program at the designated university. A (b) indicates a person retired from a business. The current president of the ANBHF is Dr. Richard Hattwick.

Dr. Ronald Abrell (d)

Western Illinois University

Dr. Carol Anderson (r)

Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

Dr. M. David Beveridge (*) (r)

Western Illinois University

Patricia Blizzard (*), (mba),

(executive committee)

Duke University

Dr. Clinton Bristow

Chicago State University

Dr. Dale Brown (*)

Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

Prof. Marvin Butler (*)

Western Illinois University

Andrew Call

History Graduate

University of Virginia

Dr. David Ciscel (*)

Memphis State University

Dr. William Clarey (d)

Bradley University

Dr. Robert Connole (*) (r)

University of Montana

Dr. Faud Derakshan (*)

California State University – Fresno

Dr. Joe Dobson (*)

Western Illinois University

Dr. Joe Domitrz (r)

University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

Dr. Olga de Cillis E. Englehardt (r)

Northeastern Illinois University

Dr. Fred Fry (*)

Bradley University

Dr. Fanchon Funk

Florida State University

Dr. David Gardner (*)

University of Illinois – Urbana/Chamnpaign

Dr. Jim Gilbert (*)

Rollins College (Florida)

Dr. Lee A. Graf (*), (executive committee)

Illinois State University

Dr. John Grant (*) (executive committee)

Ohio Dominican University

Dr. Edmund Gray (*)

Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles)

Dr. Jim Grimm (*),(r)

Illinois State University

Dr. Richard Hattwick (*), (r),

(executive committee)

Western Illinois University

Dr. Ken Heischmidt (*)

Southeast Missouri State University

Dr. Victor Hicken (r), (d)

Western Illinois University

Dr. Gerald Hills (*)

University of Illinois – Chicago

Mr. Robert Hulsen (d)

Moorman Manufacturing Company

Dr. Robert Jefferson (*)

Western Kentucky University

Dr. Hal Johnson (r)

Northern Illinois University

Dr. Jerry Johnson (r)

University of South Dakota

Dr. Darrell Jones (*)

Western Michigan University

Dr. Warren Jones (*), (executive committee)

Western Illinois University

Dr. Yunus Kathawala (*)

Eastern Illinois University

Dr. Marion King

Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

Dr. John Kindt (*)

University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign

Dr. Ed Knod (*)

Western Illinois University

Dr. Bruce Kruse (r)

St. Cloud State University (Minnesota)

Dr. Francis Leas (*), (r)

St. John’s University (New York)

Dr. James McCabe (*)

University of Louisville

Dr. Thomas McKinnon (*), (r)

University of Arkansas

Dr. Hans Moll (r)

Western Illinois University

Mr. Robert Murphy (d)

Borg-Warner Corporation

Dr. Douglas Naffziger (*)

Ball State University

Dr. Richard Nordstrom (*), (r)

University of California – Fresno

Dr. Howard Nudd (d)

Western Illinois University

Dr. Robert Olcese (r)

Superintendent, Ridgeland Public Schools


Dr. John Olyienk (*)

Colorado State University

Dr. Mike Pledge (*), (r)

Western Illinois University

Dr. Walter Primeaux (r)

University of Urbana/Champaign

Dr. Paul Rigby (r)

Pennsylvania State University

Dr. James Rosenzweig (r)

University of Washington

Dr. Roy Sampson (r)

University of Oregon

Dr. Kamal Fatehi-Sedeh (*)

Kennesaw State University (Georgia)

Dr. Hugh Shane

Western Illinois University

Dr. Bong-Gon Shin (d)

Boise State University

Dr. Kawanna Simpson

University of Kentucky

Dr. J. David Smith (d)

Western Illinois University

Dr. David Sprague (*)

Central Michigan University

Dr. Charles Stokes (r)

University of Bridgeport (Connecticut)

Dr. Charles Stoner (*)

Bradley University

Dr. Dwaine Tallent (r)

St. Cloud State University (Minnesota)

Dr. Paul Thistlethwaite (*), (r)

Western Illinois University

Dr. Arthur Thompson (*), (r)

University of Alabama

Dr. Jay Wagle (*)

Northern Illinois University

jDr. Jerry Wall (*)

Northeast Louisiana University

Dr. Larry Wall (*)

Western Illinois University

Dr. Allan Warner

University of Houston

Dr. Hal Wilson (r)

Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

Dr. Belle Zimmerly (r)

Columbus College (Georgia)