Welcome to the American National Business Hall of Fame web site and online museum.

The American National Business Hall of Fame was established in 1972. The founders were university professors. The objective was to create awareness, understanding and appreciation of the American heritage of business leadership. The primary intended audience was university and high school students. The primary communication strategy was to develop stories of business leadership and deliver them in the classroom, The stories focused on historical business leaders who were named laureates.

Between 1972 and 2002 the focus of the hall of fame’s outreach was on classroom presentations. A small physical museum was also maintained during most of that period. various biographies were also published between 1972 and 2005 .After 2000 the outreach program was moved to successive iterations of this online museum.

The MUSEUM section of this web site presents the laureates and their stories. Also in the museum are copies of The Journal of Business Leadership; relevant videos and audios, and a section on business ethics.

The ARCHIVES section of this web site provides historical background information, including a listing of the various university faculty members who served on the board.

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