The ANBHF is a nonprofit education and research organization dedicated to creating an awareness, understanding and appreciation of exemplary business leadership. We research and promote outstanding examples of business leadership, exposing students and the public to their stories. The ANBHF also supports specific areas of academic research in management and business leadership.

Welcome to ANBHF

One of the great strengths of the free enterprise system is its ability to create the conditions under which entrepreneurship and managerial leadership thrive. Our laureates demonstrate that lasting business success is usually based, not only upon hard work and a concern for the bottom line, but also upon a willingness to make unpopular decisions when necessary, a concern for the customer and a concern for employees. Moreover, they demonstrate that capitalism is consistent with a high standard of ethics.

Established in 1972, The American National Business Hall of Fame is dedicated to creating an awareness and appreciation of America’s rich heritage of exemplary business leadership. We seek to educate audiences on the management methods of our exemplary business leaders.

Our organization revolves around several key programs. The foundation is our ANBHF Laureate program. We identify and induct outstanding American business leaders into the ANBHF. These exceptional business leaders’ case histories offer the practical management techniques to which the laureates and historians attribute their success. In addition, the laureates’ lives provide inspiration — to take risks, to strive for excellence and to set high ethical standards.

Our next category of programs seek to create an awareness and appreciation of these leaders’ case histories and philosophies. This is accomplished through print material and in-person presentations. Our case histories are published in the Journal of Business Leadership, and the ANBHF web site. Through the Education Program, we present the business leadership stories to academic and business audiences, exposing students, academics and the general public to these messages. Last, our presentations and other materials will be increasingly moving to our online museum for permanent availability.

The American National Business Hall of Fame program is managed by an executive office and a Board of Representatives from universities throughout the United States.

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