Past members of the board of directors and board of state representatives




The following individuals are currently serving or have served on the American National Business Hall of Fame’s board of directors and/or on its board of state representatives. Unless otherwise indicated the individuals listed are or were faculty members, usually in business, at the designated university. An asterisk (*) indicates persons currently serving on one of the boards. A (d) indicates a deceased former board member. An (r) indicates the individual, while still serving on the board, has retired. An (MBA) designation indicates a person who has graduated from the MBA program at the designated university. A (b) indicates a person retired from a business. The current president of the ANBHF is – Dr. Richard Hattwick.

Dr. Ronald Abrell (d)

Western Illinois University

Dr. Carol Anderson (r)

Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

Dr. M. David Beveridge (*) (r)

Western Illinois University

Patricia Blizzard (*), (mba),

(executive committee)

Duke University

Dr. Clinton Bristow

Chicago State University

Dr. Dale Brown (*)

Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

Prof. Marvin Butler (*)

Western Illinois University

Andrew Call

History Graduate

University of Virginia

Dr. David Ciscel (*)

Memphis State University

Dr. William Clarey (d)

Bradley University

Dr. Robert Connole (*) (r)

University of Montana

Dr. Faud Derakshan (*)

California State University – Fresno

Dr. Joe Dobson (*)

Western Illinois University

Dr. Joe Domitrz (r)

University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

Dr. Olga de Cillis E. Englehardt (r)

Northeastern Illinois University

Dr. Fred Fry (*)

Bradley University

Dr. Fanchon Funk

Florida State University

Dr. David Gardner (*)

University of Illinois – Urbana/Chamnpaign

Dr. Jim Gilbert (*)

Rollins College (Florida)

Dr. Lee Graf (*), (executive committee)

Illinois State University

Dr. John Grant (*) (executive committee)

Ohio Dominican University

Dr. Edmund Gray (*)

Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles)

Dr. Jim Grimm (*),(r)

Illinois State University

Dr. Richard Hattwick (*), (r),

(executive committee)

Western Illinois University

Dr. Ken Heischmidt (*)

Southeast Missouri State University

Dr. Victor Hicken (r), (d)

Western Illinois University

Dr. Gerald Hills (*)

University of Illinois – Chicago

Mr. Robert Hulsen (d)

Moorman Manufacturing Company

Dr. Robert Jefferson (*)

Western Kentucky University

Dr. Hal Johnson (r)

Northern Illinois University

Dr. Jerry Johnson (r)

University of South Dakota

Dr. Darrell Jones (*)

Western Michigan University

Dr. Warren Jones (*), (executive committee)

Western Illinois University

Dr. Yunus Kathawala (*)

Eastern Illinois University

Dr. Marion King

Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

Dr. John Kindt (*)

University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign

Dr. Ed Knod (*)

Western Illinois University

Dr. Bruce Kruse (r)

St. Cloud State University (Minnesota)

Dr. Francis Leas (*), (r)

St. John’s University (New York)

Dr. James McCabe (*)

University of Louisville

Dr. Thomas McKinnon (*), (r)

University of Arkansas

Dr. Hans Moll (r)

Western Illinois University

Mr. Robert Murphy (d)

Borg-Warner Corporation

Dr. Douglas Naffziger (*)

Ball State University

Dr. Richard Nordstrom (*), (r)

University of California – Fresno

Dr. Howard Nudd (d)

Western Illinois University

Dr. Robert Olcese (r)

Superintendent, Ridgeland Public Schools


Dr. John Olyienk (*)

Colorado State University

Dr. Mike Pledge (*), (r)

Western Illinois University

Dr. Walter Primeaux (r)

University of Urbana/Champaign

Dr. Paul Rigby (r)

Pennsylvania State University

Dr. James Rosenzweig (r)

University of Washington

Dr. Roy Sampson (r)

University of Oregon

Dr. Kamal Fatehi-Sedeh (*)

Kennesaw State University (Georgia)

Dr. Hugh Shane

Western Illinois University

Dr. Bong-Gon Shin (d)

Boise State University

Dr. Kawanna Simpson

University of Kentucky

Dr. J. David Smith (d)

Western Illinois University

Dr. David Sprague (*)

Central Michigan University

Dr. Charles Stokes (r)

University of Bridgeport (Connecticut)

Dr. Charles Stoner (*)

Bradley University

Dr. Dwaine Tallent (r)

St. Cloud State University (Minnesota)

Dr. Paul Thistlethwaite (*), (r)

Western Illinois University

Dr. Arthur Thompson (*), (r)

University of Alabama

Dr. Jay Wagle (*)

Northern Illinois University

jDr. Jerry Wall (*)

Northeast Louisiana University

Dr. Larry Wall (*)

Western Illinois University

Dr. Allan Warner

University of Houston

Dr. Hal Wilson (r)

Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

Dr. Belle Zimmerly (r)

Columbus College (Georgia)